Remote Database Administration and Managed Services for Progress and QAD

OpenEdge Database, Webspeed, Appserver Oh My!

Are You Struggling with Internal Linux,Windows, Progress & QAD Administration? 

  • Does your company have a critical need for expert administration for Windows, Linux, Unix,Progress OpenEdge and QAD (MFG/PRO)?

  • Do you have a hard time justifying the expense of full-time System Administrator/Database Administrator?

  • Are you located in an area of the country or the world where it is difficult to find qualified administrators for Windows, Unix, Linux, Progress or QAD?

  • Do you face ever-changing requirements for your business systems and a small IT team?

  • Is your training budget adequate for the systems you have in place?

  • Is your internal staff's skill sets broad enough for your enterprise?

  • Do you need a team of experts rather then relying on one IT person that holds the keys to your  kingdom?

Have you Considered PICS ITech Remote Database Administration and Managed Services for Progress and QAD ?

Why risk your entire enterprise ERP system to anyone but the best?   Why put your job on the line when you could be concentrating on moving business initiatives forward in your company?

I'm sure your team really doesn't love those all night long database builds, or the sunday night downtime windows for extending the database.   I'm sure you don't like reporting to the business that something has gone wrong again... knowing that you or your team really doesn't know the root problem.


It doesn't have to be that way...


The PICS ITech Remote Database Administration and Managed Services for Progress and QAD Service offers a cost-effective alternative to full-time or contract System Administrators and PROGRESS OpenEdge DBA's. Using our team of experts and sophisticated monitoring techniques and alerting templates, PICS ITech offers world-class remote Operating System support and PROGRESS QAD Database Administration services at affordable prices.

Our Remote Database Administration and Managed Services for Progress and QAD offers various levels of System Monitoring and Administration.   PICS will monitor critical factors within your Operating System, Progress DB and QAD Enterprise Applications ( MFG/PRO ) environment, and provide preventive maintenance for your systems and databases.  We proactively make sure your business stays up and if it doesn't we are here for you to see the problem through.

And it doesn't matter if you host the application yourself,  in a customer owned data center or in the QAD cloud.  We work in all of those environments.  

Did I mention we also have extensive experience with many of QAD's partners as well.  Solutions like  RF Express® for QAD, Formtrap, DocLib, Minisoft and many others.  We've been in the space since 1992 and we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or too...

A Gift for you

Even if you don't think you might benefit from the PICS ITech Remote Database

up_arrow_opt.jpgAdministration and Managed Services for Progress and QAD service.  Do yourself a favor and  fill out the form on the right for instant access to our Top 7 Reasons to outsource your Progress and QAD management EBook.

The ebook has some good discussion points you can use with your team.  

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